Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I haven't blogged in forever. There's something about writing down my every day occurances that I just don't like. It has been 6 months, almost to the day, since I last blogged about us getting stuck in the snow. I can't say a lot hasn't happened in those 6 months.

We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in June. We didn't do anything special for it. Just stayed home like any other day. The summer flew by, and I am sooo not ready for winter. We have a lot to do before it gets here, but can't seem to get any of it done.

The tin for our roof is still sitting on our patio, patiently waiting for us to do something with it. We stripped Ryan's semi of all his things, and we're currently trying to sell it. I'm NOT making another payment on it. We still need to take the pump off of it.

Ryan went to Winnemucca, NV in august. He went there for work, since no one in the Basin seems to have steady work. The work out there turned out to not be what we expected either. They promised Ryan at least 50+ hours a week, and the most he got was 28. We also had to buy all kinds of permits and insurance, and with us being out of work, we had to scramble to get everything together. So Ryan left for work on August 16, and stayed until August 28. I went out to visit him and take his Jeep to him. That was probably one of the longest rides I have ever taken. I KNOW it's the longest my kids have ever taken. Whenever I have to make a reference to distance now, I use that trip. It's a great thing that portable DVD players were invented.

I went to Nashville for Slumber Parties National Training in September. I had a great time and learned a lot of great things that'll help my business. Ryan stayed home with the kids. They all survived, but my house didn't. (Not like it was spotless when I left either.)

Ryan just went back to work for RNI on their super suckers again. At the moment, he's been working there not quite 2 weeks and they've already flown him back to Pennsylvania to train people to run the super sucker they have back there. He'll be gone till Saturday, the 17th.

Dusty and Reagan have had fevers the last 4 days, so I kept them home from school these last 2 days. (Saturday thru Tuesday.) Dusty was feeling good enough to go to school today, but Reagan is still kinda warm. Wyatt was lucky enough (knock on wood) to be ok thru the whole thing.

Hopefully I can keep up with this blogging thing a little better. Maybe if I make a weekly goal of it....but who knows. Knowing me, this might be the last post I make for the next 6 months! Just in case it is, everyone have a great holiday season!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuck in a snow drift!

Gotta love it when men act like boys....

So we decided to go up Diamond to see if we could even get in to Kim's place. We made it to the State-line Corral and had to turn around....We didn't get very far!!! We tried to tie the winch cable off to something and winch ouselves out, but we were 50 feet shy of a tree. We found out that barb wire isn't very strong....next time we go up there, I'll make sure to wear shoes instead of sandals...my feet were a little cold.

The wind had drifted the snow across the road for most of the way. We were doing pretty good until we got high centered on a snow drift! The snow's up to the doors....And yes....we had the kids with us. They were having a blast! Eating cookies and treats and playing in the snow!

We broke thru the snow up until we got high centered...

The passenger tires were digging pretty hard....but it didn't matter because the driver's side was off the ground about 5 inches. (Or more)

Tire chains didn't seem to help either. Just made a muddy mess! We winched a big rock over to put under the front tire, but it didn't work...

The snow was hard enough we got the scissor jack out of the jeep and put it on top of the snow...we jacked the jeep up twice with it sitting on top of the snow....then we'd put poles we found by the corral under the tire...We were almost out when a truck showed up and pulled us out. We were stuck for about 3 hours... I told Cara where we were going....and told her if we weren't back by 8 to send the search party!!! We made it with 2 hours to spare!

The boys were anxiously waiting to find Easter eggs. They had to wait for Reagan to go potty...and little girls can't tinkle fast enough!!!!

The Easter bunny hid Reagan's eggs in the front room and dining room. She was the first one to find all her eggs!!!

That dang Easter bunny hid all of Dusty and Wyatt's eggs in the laundry room and in their toy room.....

That evil Easter bunny has a sense of humor!! They were told to clean their toy room so they could find the eggs, but apparently they didn't listen!!!

Dang Easter bunny!!!!!

More Easter Eggs!!!

Easter eggs!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My project underway....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday